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Our friend Adel – Off Beat Garage and Curb Bangers┬áreleased an epic 4k resolution short film on YouTube. With an M83 backing music, voice over, sweeping time lapses and heli shots – the intro sequence sets up the importance of creating memories. What memories? Mixed in the twenty minute film are the struggles of building a drift car, preparing to go drift, celebrating a birthday, and finally the pay off drifting at Willow Springs. This film has all the fun and friendship that we love. Nice work guys.

Off Beat Garage has purchased a second s13 hatch chassis and is preparing it to drift. If you missed out on the preparation of the first chassis, be sure to subscribe and watch as they get the fresh hatch ready to slide. The build looks like its going to be pretty serious with a tube front end – due to some front end damage from a previous owner.