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Off Beat Garage has purchased a second s13 hatch chassis and is preparing it to drift. If you missed out on the preparation of the first chassis, be sure to subscribe and watch as they get the fresh hatch ready to slide. The build looks like its going to be pretty serious with a tube front end – due to some front end damage from a previous owner.


We’ve released a new lanyard – it’s the awesome Keep Drifting Fun D-Magic designed logo printed on a black nylon lanyard. It has a printed metallic gold accent around the outside of the logo. Use it to hold your keys or your credential or whatever you need a lanyard to hold. Show your support for Keep Drifting Fun and buy a KDF Lanyard.




Speedhunters has nominated Keep Drifting Fun – for it’s 2012 Video of the Year Award. Its an audience vote decided award. If you liked the movie – please support us in the contest and vote for Keep Drifting Fun. We have some tough competition and as of today – December 29, 2012 are in second place to Gymkhana 5.


Thanks for the support and to everyone who has watched the movie (330k plays to date).


Will Roegge

Irwindale 2012 is an appropriate place to release three new Keep Drifting Fun items – after all it is the last event of the 2012 Formula Drift season and going to be sold out and packed capacity. After selling Keep Drifting Fun tee shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and stickers for the past three years we’ve always had a demand for a heavier weight tee in black. We listened and made the KDF Classic Tee shirt. Which is printed on a heavy duty AAA tee. The heaviest tee shirt blank we’ve ever used. Plus we used discharge ink to keep the print lightweight. It features a small KDF square logo on the chest and a big block logo on the back. It sells for only $20 and is going to move fast. If you are attending Irwindale – be sure and pick one up!

The second new item is our KDF Lanyards. Printed on a black Nylon Lanyard with a Lobster claw style clamp – it is higher quality than most of the other automotive lanyards out there! Plus you can show your support for Keep Drifting Fun and champion the message of enjoying drifting even when you’re wearing a credential or carrying your keys. It is a nice addition and useful item for anyone who loves drifting. Our keys love it.

The third new item is our limited run tee shirt for the event. We have printed 70 KDF navy tee shirts just for Irwindale 2012. With a special edition tag print and a color we’ve never used before – Navy Blue. It is printed on an American Apparel Tee Shirt – so its lightweight and comfortable from the first time you wear it. Plus we used discharge ink so unlike our older tee shirts it doesn’t feel like you have a big KDF print on your chest. Its breathable and very light. One of our favorite color prints to date.

See you at Irwindale. We will be closing the KDF store to re-stock for our winter 2013 line coming soon.

We recently caught up with Rob Fleming and the crew at Central Florida Racing Complex because when we originally shot Keep Drifting Fun in 2010 – we didn’t visit Florida. Our decision to not shoot the state or drift community came from one of it’s members and one of most influential people in getting the KDF movie project started – Rob Fleming. Jump forward to the summer of 2012, Rob and other members of Florida’s drift community have drastically changed the scene. There is now a dedicated and cost effective venue for drivers at Central Florida Racing Complex and with the help of NOS Energy Drink – the park is creating new drivers and fans with each event.

Keep Drifting Fun – The Movie

Here it is, our short form documentary – Keep Drifting Fun.

In 2010 we crisscrossed the USA interviewing drivers and covering grassroots drifting events. We wanted to know why people choose to drift, how they got into the sport, and why the love it. The answer is simple, its fun. In fact, its the most fun you can have with a car. Once you do it, you’re hooked and for children of the action sports era – its easy to understand being subjective and judged. In this short form documentary, we visit some of the most vibrant and passionate drifting communities in the US. We talk with up and coming amateur drivers and pro drifters about the sport and why Keep Drifting Fun is more than just a motto – it has changed their lives.

Directed by Will Roegge and Joshua Herron
Edited by Will Roegge, Joshua Herron, and Skylar Smith
Motion Graphics by Andy Sapp

Thanks to NOS Energy Drink for the support!

KDF Crew Sweatshirts

We finally got around to printing some colder weather Keep Drifting Fun clothing. Our first offering is a limited run of Keep Drifting Fun crew neck sweatshirts.

Printed on California Fleece crew neck sweatshirts by American Apparel. These 100% cotton crew necks are soft! We used discharge for the white part of the logo and a soft mint colored ink for the KDF block logo.

Linhbergh started to float away the sweatshirt was so lightweight and comfortable!

You bang?

Order yours today for $35 through the KDF online store.

– Will

Video – FDR Drift

Andy of Drift Alliance/Shoot First Productions put together this edit of him driving around FDR park in Philly. Not bad for a stock s13 with an open differential – or one wheeler peeler as he calls it. Excited to see more filmers step out from behind the camera and show their skills in their cars. The love for drifting and what makes it fun – is doing it, not just documenting it.

– Will