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Also known as how to improve your drifting from your desk chair. Seat time is expensive, every time you’re at the track it costs money to drift. Tires, Fuel, Wear on the car, Track fees, and the time spent in transport to/from the track. It’s usually the culmination of several days of preparation to drive – mounting fresh tires, checking over your drift car, and planning the trip to the track. All that being said, an inexpensive way to make the most of the drift days is to review your driving at home after a track day. You can study your runs, notice things you would like to improve upon and things you might already be doing well. Making an actual list or mental notes of techniques or corrections to your existing habits.

In the Drifting and Crashing at Adams Motorsport Park video – I made a list of techniques I wanted to try the next time I drifted:

1. Snappy Entries – Feint/Weight Transfer
2. Earlier Entries – extending with the handbrake
3. Clutch Kick Transitions
4. Keeping Revs up while clutching in

It was cool to do earlier entries and clutch kick transitions – while the other two techniques I still need more practice and focus to implement them into my driving. Thanks for watching this episode!

Sometimes when you are trying to do two things at once – it is difficult to get enough of both done. Case in point, we went out to Grange Motor Circuit for a drift event hosted by our friends at Sparkle Garage – attempting to both drift and film. We did more driving than filming. So we made this “QUICKIE” edit to put out something rather than having the footage disappear into the void. You can catch Will Roegge’s POV camera from the driver’s seat of his KA24de-t s14 and Hertrech Eugene in his LS powered FC RX-7. Until next time, enjoy!