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It’s Tuesday, which means a new episode of Drift Garage. In this episode Ryan replaces the suspension on his s13 Nissan 240sx with WiseFab front suspension, BC Racing Coilovers, and ISIS Rear suspension arms. He also explains how the different suspension arms effect your grip, tire wear, and handling characteristics. While Chris and his Street Car Nissan 370Z continues with the installation of his twin turbo setup – addressing the radiator and cooling system. It’a amazing how many layers of components there are on the front of the 370z and the amount of work it is to do a twin turbo install on the 370z. Kudos to Chris and Brian Wilkerson at MA Motorsports for tackling that project.

As always, if you liked the episode or have a question for Chris Forsberg or Ryan Tuerck be sure to comment on the YouTube video and they might answer your question next week in their response video.

It’s been two weeks since the last installment of Drift Garage with Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck. Which means, there is a new episode this week! In this episode, Chris and Brian Wilkerson work on the Fast Intentions Nissan 370z Tial Twin Turbo kit for Chris’ “Street Car”. While Ryan works on upgrading his SR20det with new injectors, cams, and a new manifold/turbo setup. If you have questions for Chris Forsberg or Ryan Tuerck go and comment on the YouTube video for a chance to have them answered in next week’s episode.

Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck are back for a second season of their Network A show – Drift Garage. Season One saw the two building an s13 hatch on a limited budget.

This season Ryan is upgrading his s13 “missile” car to match Chris’ KA24de-t s13 coupe. While Chris is building a high power Nissan 370Z to match Ryan’s Scion FR-S. Both Missile cars are now utilizing 2F Performance Super Doof body kits. This season starts with a short episode, but we know the end will be the guys re-match in a game of D-R-I-F-T a throw back to the first season of Tuerck’d.

Who do you think will win?