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Network A has released the “Ultimate Game of Drift” with Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg. If you re-call, in the last game of drift with Ryan and Chris on Tuerck’d – Ryan lost. This time the challenges are greater and the cars are both refreshed and in their best condition. The action all takes place again at Englishtown Raceway Park home of Club Loose and one of the best drift friendly tracks on the east coast of the United States.

Video – Forsberg 2010

Forsberg is a supporter of Keep Drifting Fun and the most consistent driver in Formula Drift. This season, he switched motors mid season and still finished in the top 10 overall. He loves drifting, it’s not just a job where he shows up at an event and drives – he is building a street Mazda FC, has a KA-T powered s13 missile, and is building a four passenger Infiniti M45 drift sedan. Check out this edit, Hobo and I have been documenting Chris at each round of Formula Drift this season – and this is the result. A look back at 2010. The highs, the lows, and the close tandem battles.

– Will Roegge

5 of 7 in our limited run Keep Drifting Fun t-shirt run – here is a preview of the Gold Las Vegas shirts. The money green shirts in Seattle sold out in 2 hours. We only print fifty for each round, so get in the know, and put KDF on your chest. We won’t ship them to your friend, or save one for you, if you are at Formula Drift Las Vegas – they go on sale Saturday. Twenty bucks. Get Fresh.

Chris Forsberg sporting his Evergreen Keep Drifting Fun t-shirt at Irwindale with his missile 13. Read about it on his blog.

Check out the turbo plumbing and through the hood exhaust. Nice work Chris.

Chris Forsberg Formula Drift New Jersey – Teaser fromĀ Joshua Herron onĀ Vimeo.

Monday June 21st, 2010 we will be releasing our edit for round three of Formula Drift – New Jersey.

The edit documents Chris Forsberg’s weekend at Wall Speedway and through the competition of Top 32.

We are excited to release it and share it with everyone. We’ve been pushing ourselves to change the style and presentation of our coverage. This new edit is a departure from the previous round’s video – which was based around Chris’ interview. 2:35.1. Aspect ratio, sound design, no talky, more dropping the hammer Nissan Titan V8 goodness.

Get Ready.