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We get to see the Adams Motorsport Park day from Hert’s perspective as the 5th episode of UnProfessionals UnSeasoned shows the drifting from that day! Julian Jacobs (Animal Style), Hert, and Keep Drifting Fun’s Will Roegge get some serious seat time on the karting track. Be sure to watch the other episodes of this mini season.

Julian Jacobs asked me if I wanted to come test Adams Motorsport Park with him – as a potential venue for Super D Matsuri. Having always wanted to drift Adams – I said “yes!”. Hert had just purchased a 1991 s13 hatchback and was ready to come drift his Simple Seat Time Stallion as well. Add Brandon Kado into the mix – for some exterior footage and we had quite the crew. I learned a lot from Julian and could see the improvement in my driving from my early laps to the end.