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As s14’s start to reach 19-23 years old (1995-1998) the odds of them having leaky hoses and worn lines increases. Luckily, ISR Performance created a power steering kit to replace all the rubber steering hoses with stainless steel lines. Also replacing the hose clamp connections with AN compression fittings. On the Project Street s14, the reservoir feed line to the power steering pump was leaking. Because it joined the plastic reservoir with the metal pump it was a rubber line with hose clamps on both sides. Once the reservoir side plastic was weak, the hose clamp wasn’t doing much to stop the flow of leaking power steering fluid.

Another area that needed addressing on Project Street s14’s steering were the steering rack hard lines. Which got pinched by the transmission bell housing the last time I pulled the KA24DE engine. ISR also makes a set of replacement stainless steel rack steering lines – which are made from braided hose and won’t dent or crimp like the stock hard lines.