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Will does 3 steps of modifications to the Street Project s14 to gain more steering angle. The first step is the easiest and results in the most gains – a slide on steering rack spacer. The second step is a bit of a correction of the first, put also depending on the tie rod end – could yield a bit more travel: installing new performance inner and outer tie rods. The third and final step is grinding down the bump stop on the knuckle itself for more range of motion. With each step, Will measures the total amount of leading wheel steering lock angle. To give a measurement to the amount of angle gained from each change. As with any steering modification, an alignment was necessary afterwards to correct the changes.

Will preps and re-sprays the half shell helmet he bought in Japan to make it a little more loud and Bosozoku style. The helmet was a quick purchase while in Osaka to allow Will and Brandon Kado to do ride alongs at Meihan during Super D Cup. It has seen a couple drift days and the gloss black paint never really looked right. So Will masked off the lid and bottom section, scotch bright scuffed the old paint, and then resprayed the helmet with some rattle-can Krylon candy purple metallic paint with a touch of pink metal flake.

Julian Jacobs asked me if I wanted to come test Adams Motorsport Park with him – as a potential venue for Super D Matsuri. Having always wanted to drift Adams – I said “yes!”. Hert had just purchased a 1991 s13 hatchback and was ready to come drift his Simple Seat Time Stallion as well. Add Brandon Kado into the mix – for some exterior footage and we had quite the crew. I learned a lot from Julian and could see the improvement in my driving from my early laps to the end.

Got together with some friends to drift at Grange Motor Circuit a couple weeks ago. It was a great opportunity to test out the stock KA24DE setup on the purple Street Project S14. It quickly became apparent that the engine wasn’t putting out maximum power (you need all 130hp) and a missing knock sensor became the culprit for the power loss. It was a big learning opportunity and I figured out how to link the inner part of the track – plus run it in the opposite direction (counter clockwise). Thanks for checking out this episode and visit our YouTube channel for more episodes of Street Project s14 in the future. Including a couple install videos and a trip to Adams Motorsport park.