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Our friend Adel – Off Beat Garage and Curb Bangers released an epic 4k resolution short film on YouTube. With an M83 backing music, voice over, sweeping time lapses and heli shots – the intro sequence sets up the importance of creating memories. What memories? Mixed in the twenty minute film are the struggles of building a drift car, preparing to go drift, celebrating a birthday, and finally the pay off drifting at Willow Springs. This film has all the fun and friendship that we love. Nice work guys.

Drift Team Animal Style has released a 2015 recap video documenting the transformation of their drift cars from freshly painted to liveried and battle scarred.

This has some of the closest tandem moments and shows some of the United State’s best grassroots drift events – Bash to the Future, Sonoma Drift, All Star Bash, and Final Bout 2.


Hot Rod Garage took on a tribute project to finish Mark Lenardon’s Mazda FC RX7 project car. Mark passed away earlier this year in a motorcycle accident so it’s awesome to see some of our friends make Mark’s project car come to life. Nice work Tony, Geoff, Brendan, and Mike. Also rad to see our friends Rob Parsons and Hert drift with Mark’s RX7 at the end.


Alexi Smith aka Noriyaro is a wonderful gateway to Japanese drift culture. We’ve been following his adventures for years, however his latest videos have really been outstanding. Buying and drifting his first AE86 is a full adventure documented via Point Of View cameras. It was very funny to watch the Japanese react to his head mounted camera. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to his NoriYaro YouTube Channel and RSS his website feed.


Our friends at Lone Star Drift have been cranking out content from their events – in their Off Season series they visit with drivers from the series and check out their car builds. We haven’t seen an S2000 slide around since Stephan Papadakis was drifting his in Formula Drift.

The best part of the series is that they seem like they’re having a good time always!

Rob Parsons and Always Down to Film have released the first episode of the Chairslayer Foundation series videos. In this episode Ben Conolly travels from the UK to California, USA and gets to drive Rob’s hand controlled 180sx. The Chairslayer Foundation is something we support whole heartedly and we’ve documented Rob’s story in the past.  If you feel compelled donate to the foundation and help those without the use of their legs – do our favorite thing in a car DRIFT.

Rob Parsons is a driver who exemplifies our ideals. His positive attitude is contagious, he is a talented metal fabricator, and he freaking loves drifting. Rob launched the Chairslayer foundation – which gives those without the use of their legs the opportunity to drive a high performance car. Not just any car, but Rob’s own competition-ready Vortech Supercharged LS powered Nissan Silvia. We interviewed Rob while Linhbergh was taking photos of his s13 in downtown Los Angeles. Then followed up with Rob while he was fabricating a new rear mounted radiator setup and seat rails for his car. Finally, we went out to Willow Springs raceway to watch Rob shred the living shit out of his Nissan after a fresh motor rebuild.

This video is Rob’s drifting story, how he learned about drifting, competed at a high level, had setbacks, over came them, and then saw the opportunity to improve the lives of others in the process.

Thanks Rob for taking the time to do this video project with us. We hope that this video will help share Rob’s story and help grow his foundation – because Rob Keeps Drifting Fun and is an inspiration in how he lives his life.

Save Drifting in Atlanta – Turner Field

We caught up with Andy Sapp in Atlanta, Georgia – at a rainy Turner Field drift event. Despite the rain, registration was full of drivers and a good crowd had assembled to watch them drift. Drifting in the heart of a city, at a baseball stadium like Turner Field is a unique venue and has been central to Atlanta’s drift community. For almost a decade events have happened at Turner, however recent legislation poses a threat to future events – so we asked Andy, a former competitive pro drifter, why Turner Field is important.

Shot on the RED Epic and Canon 5D – by Will Roegge and Skylar Smith. Edited by Will Roegge. KDF.

Scene – Las Vegas drift

Las Vegas is home to a round of the Formula Drift championships and drivers Tommy Suell and Forest Wang. It is also the home of Vegas Drift which is a phenomenal drift organization. They are a Formula D sanctioned Pro AM series and a club that hosts drift days.

Tommy is not running FD this year, but still helping and involved with Vegas Drift. Which is awesome, helping new drivers out and making sure people are safe on track.

XDC round one winner Dave Briggs and 2009 DMCC Champion Matt Waldin were also in attendance.

Forest Wang’s SR20 powered s13.5 coupe.

Josh Guild introduces Keep Drifting Fun to some Vegas K-Rails.

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