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Special Guest Larry Chen takes Keep Drifting Fun’s Will Roegge to Wisconsin to visit Kelly Moss Road and Race to drive their Porsche Carrera 4 Safari conversion on a frozen lake! Will adapts to the All Wheel Drive setup and gets the Porsche backwards and sliding well. Larry gets comfortable enough to start doing big slides in third gear at higher speeds. Watch Will and Larry have an all time experience in a crazy supercharged Porsche 911.

Brian Scotto of Hoonigan had us come to the Donut Garage to talk about Keep Drifting Fun and the origins, adventures, and future of our videos. Because it was Daily Transmission Tangents and because we also go deep on tangents in conversation – the episode is all over the place. However it will give you a good idea of how Joshua “Hobo” Herron and myself Will Roegge joined up to make the Keep Drifting Fun documentary. Which spawned a movement, stickers, this website, and all of the new tech/drifting videos we are making recently on our YouTube Channel. Thanks to Hoonigan for having us on the show and allowing us to go off subject repeatedly.

The purple s14 240sx gets a Fuel Pressure Regulator upgrade – as Will installs an ISR Performance Fuel Pressure Regulator. The new fuel pressure regulator will help to control the fuel flow from the upgraded Walboro 255 Fuel Pump and prepare the KA24de for turbocharging. Be sure to watch the Coilover install video for more from this project car build.

Thanks to Brandon Kado for providing us with his camera operating skills in addition to KDF’s Will Roegge who shot and edited this piece. Some of our favorite moments from Super D at Grange Motor Circuit in Apple Valley, California. Guest driver, Naoki Nakamura, made for some exciting tandem with Drift Team Animal Style, Matt Powers, and Ryan Litteral.


We love Dan Brockett and you should too. In case you’ve been living in an off grid drifting colony for the past 10 years, Dan was the driver of an RB powered s13 in Formula Drift, the police officer in the very popular Motorcycle Drift Icon videos, and featured in our film Keep Drifting Fun. Dan represents our motto to the fullest and his latest video with Jesse Wood – shows what its like to buy, setup, and drift a car in Japan. Take a couple minutes, crack open a Boss Coffee or a Kirin and enjoy.

Sometimes when you are trying to do two things at once – it is difficult to get enough of both done. Case in point, we went out to Grange Motor Circuit for a drift event hosted by our friends at Sparkle Garage – attempting to both drift and film. We did more driving than filming. So we made this “QUICKIE” edit to put out something rather than having the footage disappear into the void. You can catch Will Roegge’s POV camera from the driver’s seat of his KA24de-t s14 and Hertrech Eugene in his LS powered FC RX-7. Until next time, enjoy!

Chris Harris, automotive journalist and presenter took some time during the production of Gymkhana Seven to explore the ‘Hoonicorn’ the 1965 Ford Mustang used in the film. He does an excellent job explaining the team’s build choices and showing how the Mustang is put together. The car was a collaboration between a few of the friends of KDF: ASD, RTR, and Hoonigan. While that might sound like alphabet soup, ASD is the shop responsible for the iconic Falken Tires Formula Drift cars – 350z, Mustangs, and Darren McNamara’s Saturn Sky. They now support Vaughn Gittin JR and his program – RTR an abbreviation for Ready To Rock. RTR is JR’s mantra and his line of after market upgrades for late model Ford Mustangs. Hoonigan of course is the brand and racing division created by Ken Block and Brian Scotto. So without any more explanation, check out this great behind the scenes look at Ken Block’s Gymkhana Seven Mustang.

Formula Drift – Road Atlanta 2013 was one for the records. Rain, crashes, drama, and a few new faces in the top 32 made for an interesting weekend. We were there with a booth and two limited edition products – a peach t-shirt and a burgundy tank top.

We were also there with Canon’s 1D C – “c” for cinema camera. Which shoots 4k resolution to Compact Flash cards – the same way a Canon 5D DSLR shoots 1080p.

This very well might be the first 4k drift video on YouTube. Check out some of our favorite moments and clips from FD Atlanta.

See you in Palm Beach for Round Three.


We recently caught up with Rob Fleming and the crew at Central Florida Racing Complex because when we originally shot Keep Drifting Fun in 2010 – we didn’t visit Florida. Our decision to not shoot the state or drift community came from one of it’s members and one of most influential people in getting the KDF movie project started – Rob Fleming. Jump forward to the summer of 2012, Rob and other members of Florida’s drift community have drastically changed the scene. There is now a dedicated and cost effective venue for drivers at Central Florida Racing Complex and with the help of NOS Energy Drink – the park is creating new drivers and fans with each event.

We are busy editing Keep Drifting Fun the full length release – here is one of our favorite shots from XDC Phoenix as an animated gif. Something that happens so fast in real time, but with the RED Epic – we were able to capture the pavement exploding at 300 frames per second. Enjoy and stand by for release dates and more information on the full length KDF video. Coming this May.

Here is a look behind the scenes of the printing and photography for our 2012 spring clothing line. Featuring all star photographer Linhbergh and Nexen tire spokesmodel Tailyr Monette. Our t-shirts are designed, made, and printed in the USA. Help us to keep making drift videos by purchasing the line – which is available now in the KDF store.