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The third season of Tuerck’d continues down in New Zealand, where the crew experiences some of the best fun things to do: power boats, bungee jumping, knife throwing, helicopters, mtn biking, and cliff jumping.

Then it’s off to Mad Mike Whiddett’s shop in Auckland before the 2014 Red Bull Drift Shifters. We really liked this episode because it really gave a sense of how big the Drift Shifters course was – from in-car. On the Red Bull livestream it seemed smaller.


Keep Drifting Fun’s Will Roegge had the pleasure of Directing Photography on the latest episode of Tuerck’d. The challenge for Ryan Tuerck on this week’s episode was to drift up Vermont’s Burke Mountain. Compared to Mt. Ascutney, the previous Vermont mountain that Ryan drifted in last season’s Off Seasons video, Burke Mountain was more narrow and steeper than Ascutney. Check out this episode to see Ryan tackle this high speed climb.

We have been fortunate enough to attend 4 events of the Just Drift calendar this season. Just Drift is Southern California’s premiere drifting series and events – which are held at Willow Springs International Raceway. One of our favorite circuits used by Just Drift is Horse Thief Mile. As the name implies, the circuit is close to a mile long in length and snakes over the steepest hillside on the Willow Springs property. It is a tight configuration of almost full 180 degree corners mixed with some sweeping high speed corners and of course – elevation changes!

Thanks to our friend, Larry Chen for allowing us to mount our video cameras to his 1970 Datsun 240z as a chase camera car! Also for his fantastic driving, getting close to our friends mid drift.


There are a few wonderful positives to owning a mid 90′s Nissan 240sx: reliable, cheap to own, and a library of available upgrades. One of the negatives about the aging Nissan is the brakes. They don’t have a lot of stopping power stock – so¬†Speed Academy¬†sourced some Mitsubishi Evolution 8 front calipers and Touge Factory adapters. The adapters allow the calipers to bolt up to the Nissan’s knuckle without any modification.

With the addition of some new rotors, 300zx rear brakes, and a 300zx master cylinder – the Nissan 240sx should have increased stopping power to match it’s upgrade performance!

Chris Harris, automotive journalist and presenter took some time during the production of Gymkhana Seven to explore the ‘Hoonicorn’ the 1965 Ford Mustang used in the film. He does an excellent job explaining the team’s build choices and showing how the Mustang is put together. The car was a collaboration between a few of the friends of KDF: ASD, RTR, and Hoonigan. While that might sound like alphabet soup, ASD is the shop responsible for the iconic Falken Tires Formula Drift cars – 350z, Mustangs, and Darren McNamara’s Saturn Sky. They now support Vaughn Gittin JR and his program – RTR an abbreviation for Ready To Rock. RTR is JR’s mantra and his line of after market upgrades for late model Ford Mustangs. Hoonigan of course is the brand and racing division created by Ken Block and Brian Scotto. So without any more explanation, check out this great behind the scenes look at Ken Block’s Gymkhana Seven Mustang.


Tuerck’d season three continues with a trip to Europe. Ryan Tuerck borrows some very nice track prepped drift cars and some beater missile cars to enjoy drifting in Scotland and Germany. You will have to see whether the cars get Tuerck’d or not.


Ken Block is known for his rally skills – rally america, GRC, and WRC. His Gymkhana video series is one of the most popular internet video franchises around – with each collecting tens of millions of views. The series started at El Toro airfield – emulating a gymkhana obstacles. As the series has continued, it’s gotten bigger and better. The only constant is All Wheel Drive, as Ken has shifted from Subaru to Ford, from hatchback rally machine to 800hp AWD 1965 Ford Mustang hoon machine. Enjoy Ken sliding through Los Angeles in Gymkhana Seven!



Season Three of Tuerck’d continues on Network A. In this episode, Ryan heads to Texas for the Formula Drift round and enters a game of high speed entries, no handed manjis, 360 drift, and backwards entries with fellow professional drifters – Pat Goodin and Matt Field. Plus some rad BMX riding with local Texas Pro rider Aaron Ross.


Ryan Tuerck’s show on Network A – Tuerck’d has become a phenomenon in the drifting community. Now in it’s third season, Tuerck’d is doing crazier and bigger things. Ryan’s new street car build is a Scion FR-S powered by a Toyota 2JZ engine. Tuerck and Dominic built the car and it rips. They take the car testing in central Pennsylvania and then destroy some pavement at Woodward Skate/BMX camp.

Keep Drifting Fun has been fortunate to work with Ryan on some cool video projects in the past and he was featured in our 2010 documentary.

Tuerck’d is on YouTube via the Network A Channel and the third season is only about half way through so there is plenty more drifting to come!