September 12, 2014 | In: Video

Club FR – Final Bout Video 2

Final Bout 2014 – USAIR: Shawano, Wisconsin – Keep Drifting Fun from Joshua Herron on Vimeo.

KDF’s second Final Bout video from director – Joshua Herron. The music selection pays homage to the region – gritty Chicago hip hop. Which works really well for an event where a large portion of the drivers are from Chicago/Illinois.

September 8, 2014 | In: Video

Club FR – Final Bout

Will Roegge traveled to Shawano, Wisconsin to USA International Raceway for the first annual Club FR – Final Bout.


November 28, 2013 | In: Video

KDF does ASB13/Toy Drive 1

We rode out to All Star Bash 13 with our friend Hert from the Hoonigans and captured the fun of the Just Drift event.

Shot on the RED Epic, Canon 5D, and DJI Phantom quadcopter.

We had a booth and brought out our RED Epic camera to Palm Beach to shoot some footage for an upcoming project. Here are a few of our favorite shots!


Formula Drift Palm Beach 2013 tank tops and t-shirts are ready. They will be available tomorrow, May 31-June 1st at our booth.

Come swing by and get one or both – tank top is white with red ribbing, t-shirt is power washed red with white and gray print. Both are on American Apparel blanks, printed here in the USA.

Limited run so come see us early and get yours before they sell out.


Formula Drift – Road Atlanta 2013 was one for the records. Rain, crashes, drama, and a few new faces in the top 32 made for an interesting weekend. We were there with a booth and two limited edition products – a peach t-shirt and a burgundy tank top.

We were also there with Canon’s 1D C – “c” for cinema camera. Which shoots 4k resolution to Compact Flash cards – the same way a Canon 5D DSLR shoots 1080p.

This very well might be the first 4k drift video on YouTube. Check out some of our favorite moments and clips from FD Atlanta.

See you in Palm Beach for Round Three.




Here are the renderings for our 2013 Formula Drift Atlanta T-Shirts and Tank Tops. As always, we’ve produced a limited number of each design. 75 of each of the Peach T-Shirt and the Maroon Tank Top.

This year’s shirts will feature an Atlanta graphic commemorating the year and location.

Visit the Keep Drifting Fun booth at Road Atlanta on May 10th and 11th, 2013. Get one before they sell out!

RAW video and sound from Formula Drift Long Beach 2013. Look for more edits coming this season.

RAW Friday at Formula Drift Long Beach 2013.


We asked via facebook to find out what colored t-shirts to print for our 2013 Spring line and listened to your feedback. These shirts will be available online only – next week.

There were a good amount of requests for the mint green color that we started using in our square KDF logo – so we made an entire shirt in Mint and Black!


Another popular request was pink – since we haven’t made girl’s shirts in a few years we decided to print them on uni-sex blanks and offer a pink and mint t-shirt.


We also got the dye house to do this awesome shade of gray for us and continued the mint color on a gray t-shirt blank.


Unlike other automotive and lifestyle brands – we print our shirts in the USA, on US sewn and dyed shirts. We also use discharge inks – for a print that doesn’t have any weight or feel to it. Unlike plastisol ink – which prints on top of the fabric, discharge removes the dye pigment and reveals the color of the fabric bellow. We are really proud of this year’s t-shirts and have tried a number of different brand blanks and printing techniques to give you the highest quality product that will last for years to come.

Thanks for supporting Keep Drifting Fun!

We did our version of the Harlem Shake with Beard Life’s LS powered RX7.



New stickers in the Keep Drifting Fun store - Mint Green OR ELSE stickers and 90s style splatter stickers. Get them now and sticker up.

February 10, 2013 | In: Video

Video – Off Seasons 2

We recently had the opportunity to work on Off Seasons 2 with Ryan Tuerck and Andy Laputka. It was shot in Vermont on Mt. Ascutney – which is used by the New England hill climb association. Watch as Ryan drifts up Ascutney in spectacular fashion.

December 29, 2012 | In: Announcement, Video



Speedhunters has nominated Keep Drifting Fun – for it’s 2012 Video of the Year Award. Its an audience vote decided award. If you liked the movie – please support us in the contest and vote for Keep Drifting Fun. We have some tough competition and as of today – December 29, 2012 are in second place to Gymkhana 5.


Thanks for the support and to everyone who has watched the movie (330k plays to date).


Will Roegge

December 27, 2012 | In: Video


In the latest episode of Tuerck’d – we catch up with the Drift Alliance drivers at Englishtown Raceway Park for Club Loose’s Freedom Moves.

November 28, 2012 | In: Video


Ryan Tuerck has teamed up with Network A on YouTube to make an original series that features Ryan’s missile car, drifting, and general craziness. We went out to the East Coast to help Ryan and Able Productions with the shoot. This first episode was shot at Englishtown Raceway Park in New Jersey and features Chris Forsberg battling Ryan in a game of D-R-I-F-T. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Irwindale 2012 is an appropriate place to release three new Keep Drifting Fun items – after all it is the last event of the 2012 Formula Drift season and going to be sold out and packed capacity. After selling Keep Drifting Fun tee shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and stickers for the past three years we’ve always had a demand for a heavier weight tee in black. We listened and made the KDF Classic Tee shirt. Which is printed on a heavy duty AAA tee. The heaviest tee shirt blank we’ve ever used. Plus we used discharge ink to keep the print lightweight. It features a small KDF square logo on the chest and a big block logo on the back. It sells for only $20 and is going to move fast. If you are attending Irwindale – be sure and pick one up!

The second new item is our KDF Lanyards. Printed on a black Nylon Lanyard with a Lobster claw style clamp – it is higher quality than most of the other automotive lanyards out there! Plus you can show your support for Keep Drifting Fun and champion the message of enjoying drifting even when you’re wearing a credential or carrying your keys. It is a nice addition and useful item for anyone who loves drifting. Our keys love it.

The third new item is our limited run tee shirt for the event. We have printed 70 KDF navy tee shirts just for Irwindale 2012. With a special edition tag print and a color we’ve never used before – Navy Blue. It is printed on an American Apparel Tee Shirt – so its lightweight and comfortable from the first time you wear it. Plus we used discharge ink so unlike our older tee shirts it doesn’t feel like you have a big KDF print on your chest. Its breathable and very light. One of our favorite color prints to date.

See you at Irwindale. We will be closing the KDF store to re-stock for our winter 2013 line coming soon.

We recently caught up with Rob Fleming and the crew at Central Florida Racing Complex because when we originally shot Keep Drifting Fun in 2010 – we didn’t visit Florida. Our decision to not shoot the state or drift community came from one of it’s members and one of most influential people in getting the KDF movie project started – Rob Fleming. Jump forward to the summer of 2012, Rob and other members of Florida’s drift community have drastically changed the scene. There is now a dedicated and cost effective venue for drivers at Central Florida Racing Complex and with the help of NOS Energy Drink – the park is creating new drivers and fans with each event.

We had a few leftover Purple KDF Las Vegas Formula Drift Tank Tops and T-Shirts left – so we’ve put them up for sale in the Keep Drifting Fun Store. Get one before they run out. Also available now – for the first time online, is the KDF Sunset print T-Shirt and Tank Top. This print has been a hit at events and we decided to release a few to the general public. The Sunset print and leftover purple shirts are going to go quickly – so act now if you want one.

Also available in the store is our new sticker packs – which include the sunset print sticker and the large KDF block logo.

2012 Spring Line t-shirts and hoodies are on sale at 25% off their original price – as we clear out our inventory for Fall 2012.

We’ve dropped the OR ELSE for the rest of the season and are continuing to use fresh colors for our limited run of Formula Drift 2012 series tees and tank tops. This pale green color way is limited to 50 of each style and only available at Formula Drift New Jersey on Friday and Saturday. Come by the booth and get yours!

See you at Wall Speedway.